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We missed a day of school this week because Kailie was sick on Sunday night (throwing up and all) and Dave woke up not feeling well Monday morning either (sore throat), so we just started our week today.  Here’s what we’re doing:

Math: still in beginning of the year Review mode, it’s so easy for Kailie it’s ridiculous – BUT it’s nice for her to have an EASY subject every day as well and for Emma I found some really cute pre-school math books at the library so she is doing one out loud with Daddy each day (Mortimer’s Math – they’re all about a teddy bear named Mortimer)

Reading: An Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading – Kailie and Emma are doing this, they’re just in different parts of the book and also for Kailie daily oral reading from her Rod and Staff Reader

Phonics: Itty Bitty Phonics Readers for Kailie – books L-Z this week

Copywork: same as Bible Verse

Spelling: Kailie’s finishing up lesson 3 in the McGuffey Eclectic Speller but I plan to order a different spelling book at the end of the week – she’s flying through this one

Bible: Westminster Shorter Catechism questions 1-23 memorize, Bible verse to memorize (from ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt) and continuing stories about Christ (Children’s Illustrated Bible).

Five in A Row: this week’s story is Madeline and we’re adding the Bible supplement in this week

Geography: Study of France and drawing a French Flag (to go along with Madeline)

History: The life of Helen Keller (3 books and a DVD to watch)

Art: Monet

Music: Intro to the Orchestra, focus this week is the String Section (also reading “Meet the Orchestra” and “Zin, Zin, Zin a Violin” and audio CD

Science: kind of taking an easy week, I just ordered the science curriculum for this year and I’m waiting for it to arrive, in the meantime we checked out 4 Magic School Bus videos from the Library

Extra: learning beginning sign language (because of Helen Keller study) checked out 3 DVD’s from the library and 1 VHS tape

And what is mommy reading this week? I’m so glad you asked!

1. The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

2. When Children Love to Learn by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

3. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (out loud to Kailie and Emma) by Betty MacDonald

4. For the Family’s Sake bySusan Schaeffer Macaulay

5. The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer (well….I’m always reading some portion of this for school planning anyway)

6. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – I’m still working my way through this one but I’m almost to Part 2!  Woo-hoo!

That’s it for now!


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The Man of my Dreams


I’m often asked (and by often I mean about 20 times a day, NO EXAGGERATION!!!) how I manage to have (almost) 5 kids, 6 and under, work full time, homeschool, be involved in church etc. etc. etc.  The very honest and simple answer is: Dave. 

From the day we “crossed emails” (he knows what I mean) he has been my best friend.  I can only thank our Lord for giving Dave to me.  We frequently joke that we share the same brain, because VERY often we don’t even have to complete our sentences before the other one of us does it instead, and other times one of us will vocalize a thought (no matter how OBSCURE) only to find that the other one of us is thinking about the exact same thing.  But mostly I just love that he takes care of me and the kids with a tireless love that is visible not just to us but to those around us.

Dave, you exemplify Christ’s love to me and to our children on a daily basis – I love you dearly.


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Books Books Books

I used to sell books for a company called Usborne, but sometime around Isaac’s birth I sort of fell out of it, I decided to begin again and I sent out an email to most of you about it but here’s the link to my website if you didn’t get the email: caryn’s bookstore

I love reading to the kids and I know all of you do as well. 


                                You may have tangible wealth untold

Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold

Richer than I, you can never be

I had a Mother who read to me

~ Strickland Gillilan

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How big am I?

For those of you who see me all the time this post will be pretty boring, but I’m putting it out there for those of you whom I rarely see…and especially for those of you whom I haven’t seen since our good ol’ days at ZB — you know who you are — 

I’m still a skinny little thing but pregnancy does a wierd thing to me (or in me…or whatever) I only gain this crazy basketball in the front, and no other fat anywhere else.  It’s bizarre and although most women would count it a blessing, those of you who have known me long enough know that I ALWAYS looked forward to getting pregnant so I could FINALLY gain weight.  So, I realize that my skinniness complaint will go without sympathy from most of you but I put it out there anyway.  😎 This is me at 30 weeks (10 more to go!) Be sure to take note of my stick arm in the pic.  ha!


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We just finished our unit on Ancient Egypt and now we’re taking a sort of detour (and attempting a new “created by Mommy” curriculum to see how it goes) into the land of oral phonics, oral reading, narration, etc.  We started a unit on Farms this week and Dave says it’s going well.  Here’s a shot of Kailie doing her math workbook…notice the crayon on her desk….a special decor from little bro……


We also started using Five In A Row this week.  This week’s story is Make Way For Ducklings, Kailie seems to really enjoy it so far.  She’s also doing some US Geography, Bible Memorization, Bible – Stories about Christ, Art and Spelling.  We’re taking a little history break since we really focused on that for the first 3 weeks.  We just started Spelling with her this week and the lessons I got said it would take a first grader the whole year to get through Lesson 6 (because the program is 1 continuous book that should last them through at least 6th grade) but Kailie’s going to finish Lesson 3 by the end of this week…..hmmm….a little genius on our hands……8-)

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Here are some recent shots…..you’ll have to excuse the red-eye…either we’re all REALLY tired, or I just can’t figure out how to adjust it on the camera…..hmmm…….8-)  You’ll also note the lovely sweater and pillow thrown behind me in these shots, well let’s just say that these are not studio portraits….alright? (that also goes for whatever random mess you may see in the background of other shots…..if I only had a maid…..ha!)

Mommy, Emma and Abby before church.


Kailie getting caught leaving the bathroom….



Isaac has a favorite new pasttime of making crazy faces and seeing if we can make them too….8-) and again, no he’s not demon-possessed, it’s just the camera…


Abby is sitting up now and working on crawling!


OK…. those all look very nice……so here’s what being the mom of 4 really is like…..



Trying to get the ladies together…      


Me losing the “babies”…. of course they weigh almost as much as me!  ha!


All the kiddies and me


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Welcome Steven!

Just wanted to congratulate Colleen and Nate on the arrival of their 4th child, and 1st son Steven Oran Harlan who arrived last Saturday.  Colleen had a water birth at home, so that definitely makes her more of a woman than me!  I can’t wait to meet him guys!

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