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This is the end result of a very delicious strawberry cereal bar…………….



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Sorry Amy!!!


My brother Rob and his sweetie pie Amy are expecting a little girl early December, I was supposed to go to her shower today but since I feel pretty crappy until our little one emerges I wasn’t able to attend.  I’m sorry Amy!  I love you and I will still be attending your next shower! 

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A busy couple of weeks!

img_0987.JPGimg_0981.JPGimg_0977.JPGimg_0976.JPGOver the last 2 weeks we have celebrated all of the kids’ birthdays in 2 parties, one for Dave’s side and 1 for my side.  Following the “Litewski” side party Dave took me to the hospital to get checked because I felt like the baby was super low!  Although there were no real changes, I was (of course) contracting like crazy again – so I had to get another dose of Trebuteline and then got to come home.  The following Monday I had my regular MD appointment and was contracting AGAIN so they sent me over to the delivery ward and ended up keeping me overnight and administering like 5 liters of IV fluids to control everything.  They did another ultrasound while I was there and told me that our little one was weighing in at a very healthy 7 lbs (keep in mind this was at 35 weeks!).  My doctor is planning on seeing me again this week on Wednesday and if everything looks good will induce me this week on Thursday or Friday (October 4th or 5th)….the only potential snag in this wonderful plan?  My doctor also has Jury Duty this week (if you can believe that….sigh!) so if he ends up in court on Weds, Thurs or Fri the induction will be put off until the next week….I am SO READY to meet this little one!  Pray for a smooth delivery!  😎

 Also, I found out this week that other employees I work with donated over 200 hours of vacation time to help out Dave and I while I’ve been off work for so long!  What a huge blessing….God is so good to us! 

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Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac is 2 years old on the 6th (I’m writing this at 10 pm on the 5th, so technically I can’t say it’s his birthday yet….but oh well)  here are some wonderful shots of our dear little man over the last 2 years:

One day old at the hospital……(he was 9 lbs 6 oz!)


His first Christmas………….around 8 weeks old


Around 18 months with Kailie


Around 22 months….what a cutie!


And here he is now………..


What a great blessing he is to our family!  Happy Birthday little man!  😎

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