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In all the excitement this week over Lauren’s arrival, I wanted to make sure and take a moment to celebrate another year of life for our first two blessings from the Lord.  Emma was 4 on Tuesday and Kailie is 6 today.  Happy Birthday girls, your Mommy and Daddy love you more than you can know.  😎


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Welcome Lauren!!!


Lauren arrived on Friday October 5th at 2:44 pm.  My induction was cancelled for this day due to her being breech…but I woke up with contractions on that day anyway so we went in to the hospital.  After another ultrasound confirming she was still breech, we opted to try flipping her over (aka external cephalic version).  This hurt REALLY BAD so I don’t recommend it to any of you, but if you ever are put in the same situation you’ll probably choose to try anyway….8-)  The version worked but then my blood pressure dropped REALLY fast and I was basically in and out of consciousness and felt like I was going to throw up all over my doctor and the nurse (although thankfully I never did)….Lauren’s heart rate also started dropping off really low everytime my doctor let go of her head (he was holding it in place after the version was complete)…so guess what?  Emergency C-section!!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!  My doctor actually had to ride on the bed with me, holding Lauren’s head out of my pelvis until we got into the operating room to keep her blood supply from being cut off.  They had to put me out with general anesthesia so I wasn’t awake for any of the delivery and Dave wasn’t able to be with me in the operating room due to the general anesthesia also.  Sigh.  But thankfully all went well and we delivered a beautiful baby girl who is very content and not fussy except when she’s hungry or poopy.  😎  She’s sleeping about 4 hours between feeds (even at night which is wonderful!) and she is a great blessing to our family.  I left the hospital 4 days after delivering and I just went in on Weds and got my staples out.  Recovery is going well but a little slower than I’d like.  Keep us in your prayers as we all adjust to a new little one in our home.  😎

Stats:  Lauren Grace Block

DOB: 10/5/2007

8 lbs 2 oz (AND she was 3 weeks early!)

19 and 1/2 inches

Black hair and blue eyes


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Baby update

So today I saw Dr. Ambro again, we were all set to schedule my induction on Friday morning….be there at 8 am…..GREAT!!!!  Then…..uh-oh…..hmm…..”please get the ultrasound machine”……and sure enough, our little one has flipped herself over and is now fully breach!  UGH!!!  So….no induction this week.  I go back for another check next week and we’ll have to see if the baby is now in the right position again or not (NOTE: she was NOT breach previous to today’s appointment….can you believe this?) and decide from there how to proceed.  😎   Keep us in your prayers!

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