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Happy Birthday Abby!

Our precious little Abby turns 1 today!  In celebration I took her to the pediatrician for her annual check up and she got 5 shots and a finger stick for hemoglobin check….not exactly the presents she hoped for I’m sure.  😎  She is in the 95% for height and the 50% for weight so it looks like another tall and skinny girl is in the family.  ha!  Abby is able to say the following words: mama, dada, papa, bye bye, ball and hi  she also makes the mmmmm-waaa sound when she is giving kisses, she is moving around now only when holding on but we can see that walking is just around the corner.  We love you little one!img_0048.jpgimg_0744.jpgimg_0961.jpgimg_0990.jpgimg_0977.jpgimg_1106.jpgimg_1090.jpg


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This is the lapbook that Kailie and I have made in celebration of Thanksgiving.  It took us about 1 week to finish all of the crafts and assemble the book, we still need to find some kind of supercool cover decorations BUT the inside is fantastico!  I’m very proud of Kailie for all of her hard work!  For those of you living in the area, we will be sure to bring this with us on Thanksgiving for you to look at in person.  😎  Enjoy!img_1258.jpgimg_1260.jpgimg_1261.jpgimg_1263.jpgimg_1262.jpgimg_1264.jpgimg_1265.jpgimg_1266.jpgimg_1267.jpgimg_1268.jpgimg_1269.jpgimg_1270.jpgimg_1271.jpgimg_1272.jpgimg_1273.jpgimg_1274.jpgimg_1275.jpgimg_1276.jpgimg_1280.jpgimg_1281.jpgimg_1279.jpg

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More pics


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A month in review

Here’s a bunch of shots from the last month, obviously I’ve been busy so I haven’t written anything but a brief summary is as follows: we had a baby, recovered from C-section, Kailie and Emma had birthdays, we had Halloween, Isaac fell and busted his head open requiring 4 stitches, went to church, Dave’s sister Sarah got married, had a baby shower for Amy….I can’t remember what else.  ha!


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