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To all of you,  my sincerest apologies in not receiving a Christmas card from the Block’s.  The reason I know you didn’t receive one?  I didn’t send any….how pathetic is that?  😎  Actually, the reason I didn’t send any is that we spent forever trying to get a shot of our family for the card but everytime we tried to order some, one person’s head got cut out of the image…sigh.  We tried all different versions, some with all of us, some just the kids, etc etc. but we weren’t able to fit them onto ANY card at Target, Walgreens or Wal-Mart…..  Anyway, by the time I finally gave in and realized that it just WASN’T going to happen this year it was simply too late to get any other ones ready.  I’ll have to plan this ahead of time next year!  Some of the pictures of the kids turned out beautifully, and I don’t want to waste them so here are the various attempts at our family shots for this year’s card:img_1366.jpgimg_1359.jpgimg_1356.jpgimg_1352.jpgimg_1397.jpgimg_1354.jpgimg_1353.jpgimg_1350.jpgimg_1325.jpg


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