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Today was Easter.  Here are some shots of the kids in their beautiful ensembles (gifts from Grandma L).   They all looked adorable.   Abby received this magnifying glass from the Easter Bunny, but big brother had more fun using it as you will soon see….Emma also used it to be a “Super Spy” and solve the “mystery of the hiding Barbies”…..8-)isaac-mag-glass.jpgkailie-and-emma-easter.jpgeaster-funny.jpg


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I learned recently that Kailie and Emma have thought that Abby’s name was actually ABBAGIRL not ABIGAIL…..ha!


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Our yard

Our new backyard is HUGE!  Here is a shot I took standing next to the house, out into our backyard.  The black marks by the fence in the distance are actually Kailie and Emma.  Don’t believe me?  I took another shot from the exact same spot and zoomed in on them so you could see.  Can you believe the size of this yard????  😎  We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that our backyard has a half basketball court in it….WITH LIGHTS!  How crazy is that?


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We are in Iowa!!!

Well, here we are finally!!!!  We moved to Humboldt, IA on March 13.  Dave has accepted the Associate Pastor position at Oak Hill Baptist Church and we are THRILLED to be here.  😎  We closed on our house on March 14th.  Here are some shots of the house…in various states of unpacking…..I’ll send more once all the work is done. We’ve already painted the dining room red, Dave’s working on the kitchen tonight which will be a lovely shade of yellow once it’s complete.  We miss everyone!!!!  And yes, I’m sad to say Isaac IS wearing some princess dresses in the picture….we really need to get some more testosterone around here….ha!


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