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Isaac gets lost….

If you haven’t already seen the post entitled “Out our door”  I will recommend you look at it after reading this.  Yesterday,  Isaac somehow managed to get out of the backyard undetected….he actually opened and RELOCKED the gate…then he made it all the way ACROSS THE STREET, then (and this is why you need to look at the pictures in the other post) he made it into the field…PAST the red barn shed almost to the bleacher stands (which I don’t think you can even SEE in the picture I posted)!!!!!!!!!!!!  2 girls who were playing there grabbed him and when they saw me and Kailie running around the outside of the house they yelled “WE HAVE HIM!!!!”  Thank God for His provision!  Isaac was fine but mommy almost had a heart attack (and Daddy too!).  We’re going to buy padlocks for the gates now.  Sigh.  Welcome to my 30’s.  😎

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So today I turned the big 3-0.  Finally out of my 20’s!!!  Now I think I’m a real adult, well….we’ll see.  A great big thank you to the MANY of you who sent cards, called and posted on Facebook with happy wishes.  A special thank-you to Ashley K and Maria who brought me a beautiful card and smell good goodies!  Another special thank you to Ashley K (AGAIN) and Jaimie for the lovely cake you surprised me with tonight at church.  And a super special thanks to Suzanne and Meg for the lovely vocal rendition of the Happy Birthday song via voicemail!

It’s truly a blessing to share this life with a man whom I adore, children who fill each day with joy and laughter, such loving family (whom I miss dearly!!!) and all of my friends both near (all you Iowans are crazy!!!) and far (Colleen….COME VISIT ME!!!).  The biggest blessing of all is knowing that all of you whom trust Him will be with us always, Praise the Lord!

I am a woman richly and undeservedly blessed.


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Here are some shots of Emma’s school curriculum.  She just started Kindergarten last week, not because we expected her to, but because when we opened the box and she saw all this cool stuff she wanted to begin right away!  Some fun things we’ll be doing later this year include starting an Ant farm and housing an indoor butterly garden to watch them grow from caterpillars into butterflies!  Looks like lots of fun to me!  For those of you who are interested, we’re using the K program from My Father’s World check it out!

Emma and K package

K package

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Emma’s Artwork

Emma is working on 2 projects for Kindergarten (see below) this is a close up of one of the items she colored just to show you how well she’s doing!


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This is one of Emma’s current school projects.  She’s illustrating a book to explain the 7 days of creation.  We haven’t gotten to day 7 yet, but when we do (tomorrow) we’ll be adding a blank page to show that God rested.  Enjoy!

day 1 light and dark Day 1

day 2 Sky, water above and below the sky  Day 2

Day 3 Seas, dry land and plants Day 3

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day 4 sun moon and stars Day 4

day 5 Living creatures of the sea, and birds of the air Day 5

day 6 Animals and People Day 6 (Emma wanted Adam and Eve to take a shower, so that’s what the elephant is doing for them!)

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