Emma’s artwork part 4

Here is the poster Emma is working on which shows the numbers related to the days of creation, again we haven’t gotten to day 7 (that’s tomorrow) but the number would be blank anyway.  Emma has been really working on coloring IN the lines, she’s improved DRAMATICALLY!!!  We’re very proud of her beautiful banner!





Kailie’s 2nd grade

Our curriculum for 2nd grade is here!!  Kailie would like to start “AS SOON AS I FINISH 1st!”  i.e. she wants to school through the summer too…we’ll see if that actually happens!  LOL!  We will be using My Father’s World – Adventures  which is US History for 2nd and 3rd Graders.  The program includes: Bible, history, geograpy, science, literature, art and music.  We’re adding in our own ideas for math and language arts….it looks to be a great year ahead!

Kailie 2nd


For Language Arts we have just started Language Lessons for the Very Young from Queens homeschool supply.  It has been great so far.  It includes art picture study (with full color images), poem memorization, copywork from great poetry selections, narration practice as well as typical English grammar instruction all in Charlotte Mason style.  Highly recommended!

language arts

This is the science kit that’s included with My Father’s World.  This year we will be studying a variety of topics including:  bird study, plants, animals, physical science, magnets etc  with lots of experiments for our budding scientist!




Newspaper People

Today a lady who works for the town paper came and interviewed Dave and I since we are “new in town”.  I guess they’re going to publish it in the paper…?  She also brought us lots of brochures, maps, coupons to area vendors, etc.  This place is crazy!  When we first moved in the butcher and the store manager of a local grocery store stopped by and brought us a bunch of food to stock our freezer and “Welcome you to Humboldt!”!  Then the cable company called and gave us *FREE* cable for a year….!  I love it here!

Out our door…

Directly across the street from us is the old football field and track for the Humboldt High School, now it’s used mainly for soccer and for walkers who prefer the track to the street/sidewalk.  It’s great to have it right there!  We plan to take the kids kiteflying there once the weather gets warmer…again….sigh!


Across the street


Our house

Here is our house….isn’t it so cute?! 

exterior house


This is the side of the house, the door goes into our playroom and this is some of the furniture we have for outside peeking out on the side…8-)



This is the playroom from the outside, it’s the back of the house.

playroom outside


Here are pics of the kids playroom.  It’s such a blessing to have space for them to play now, after the last 6 years of very cramped quarters.  😎  The big brown thing in the middle is a body pillow laying on our porch swing, which hangs in the playroom.  Super great!

Playroom 3

Playroom 2


Living Room

living room with kids

Living Room wall